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Beacon Marketing

It is a fact that the Beacons are considered the next marketing revolution. The beacons give you the opportunity to generate real-time notifications about products, offers or events inside and outside your business

Geofencing - Nearby Marketing

Create proximity boundaries around your business to create a geofence zone for your customers. As soon as customers pass this limit (whether by car or on foot) they immediately receive real-time notifications about products, offers or events.

Offers, Products & Notices

How can businesses send real-time notifications to their customers? With Beacons and Geofence! Nearby marketing is about sending real-time notifications to your customers when they are most likely to buy.

Increase repeat sales.

Using proximity marketing increases loyalty through offers, promotions, or other information sent from your business.

Take advantage of location

Transfer your location and the area around your business into a digital marketing area.

Push notifications

Engage customers with notifications about offers, promotions, events, and product information, among others, depending on their location

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About Us

We help businesses increase customer interaction and repeat business with proximity marketing. We are marketing specialists with beacons and geofence that allow businesses to send notifications and offers to customers based on their location

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