Waterproof IP67 beacon bluetooth 5.0 low energy ble ibeacon and eddystone

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Lugar de origem:
Guangdong, China (Continente)
Número de modelo:
IP degree:
iBeacon and eddystone(OTA)
Nordic nRF52832
vida útil da bateria:
2 anos
Power Supply:
Replaceable CR2477
Transmission Range:
Case Color:
Branco & OEM/ODM color
Product size:
LIS3DH accelerometer
capacidade de fornecimento:
20000 Piece/Pieces per Day Outdoor use IP67 casing screw proximity beacon ble ibeacon
Detalhes de empacotamento
vender Units: item único

tamanho único pacote: 31X11X8 cm

peso bruto única: 0.6 KG

Tipo de embalagem:Outdoor use IP67 casing screw proximity beacon ble ibeacon with 6 broadcasting slots

20pcs per package box ; 200pcs per carton
Descrição do Produto

Waterproof IP67 beacon bluetooth 5.0 low energy ibeacon and eddystone

1. E7 is a strong waterproof & outdoor use ibeacon /eddystone .

2. It’s of Nordic chipset nRF52832 and BLE 5.0 tecnologia
3. With rotary round case, delicate hardware and robust MinibeaconPlus multi-function firmware.
4. It is designed for proximity marketing, nearby notification, asset tracking and indoor/outdoor location-based service.
5. Factory negotiatable price, high quality and fast delivery.

The Features & Advantages

1. Over 100 meters broadcasting range
2. Over 2 years battery life time

3. Support iBeacon and Eddystone broadcasting simultaneously.
4. With 6 slots, 1 device could support 6 data broadcasting simultaneously.

5. IP67 waterproof level & waterproof ring,applied to harsh outdoor environment, even work in water well.

Config App:

Set some parametersDownload the configuration appBeaconSET+on ios and android phones.

Manage beacons and check realtime ble data:

Integrate ble beacon with G1 ble&wifi gateway to realize your iot solution.

The gateway will collect&capture all the advertising data of ble beacon and upload the data to the Cloud sever, so you can have the access to monitor and management.


Asset Tracking
Beacon Movement for alerting, typically use in: Museum, Offices and Shopping mall.

proximity marketing

Nearby notification without developing an App ( Eddystone UID, URL)
For traditional offline retailersengage in real time with your customers the moment they enter your stores, start promoting campaigns, convert prospects, send coupons and special offers.
Applicable to the public places: track the queue number, queue time, dwell times and other communicating information within your locations.

Indoor Location & communication with masses
E7 is able to detect distance even calculate its position within the range.
It helps communicating with masses at public places: airport check-in locations, local shops and supermarkets, banks, hospitals, museums and various other locations.

How to open and replace battery?

With rotating casing, it’s easy to open the case and change battery without damaging walls.

Embalagem & Delivery


1pc E7 Indoor navigation ibeacon tag

20pcs E7 Bluetooth eddystone beacon per packging box

200pcs E7 eddystone beacon per carton


1.Delivery will be arranged by DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT/EMS,normally it will take 3-7 working days.
2.We can also help you ship the goods by air line,then you need to go to Air port totake it ,it takes about 2-7 days to arrive.
3.If you have your own express account, we can help call them to pick up the goods in our company.

Our Service

1. Print your LOGO;
2. Programmer your firmware;
3. Pre-configure the value of parameter before the shippment;
4. PCB can be customized;
5. Package can be customized;
6. Prototyping the casing and mold tool design and injection service.

Company and Factory

Minew was founded in 2007, engaging in IOT (Internet Of Things) field for years and keeping updated to the market demand all along.

Via providing smart devices and IoT solutions, we serve to optimize customers’lives ,works and businesses, improving their efficiency and convenience.
We are an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer focusing on RF / Wireless products such as 2.4GHz BLE 4.0 related products.
We focus on designed and manufactured many different high quality and low cost iBeacons hardware and one-stop services.

1. desenho esquemático;
2. Mold design;
3. PCB layout;
4. Firmware design;
5. roduction and assembly.
Warmly welcome the OEM and ODM projects.

R&D Team

Company & Factory


Welcome to meet Minew Team at South Hall 4, Booth No. 35972 – 2018 CES

Perguntas frequentes

1. Do you provide the technical support to the developers?
Re: SURE. The following technical data and documents will be provided to developers.
1. SDK 2. SDK instruction platform 3. Configuration APP 4. User manual

2. Can I change the password?
Re: sim, you can use configuration APP to change password by yourself.

3. Does MiniBeacon comply with iBeacon standard?
Re: sim,MiniBeacon has been licensed by ibeacon stamdard program with contact No.iBC-14-00582.

4. Can we brand your product with our company LOGO?
Re: sim, , we are a manufacturer located in Shenzhen offering the OEM/ODM service.

5. How can we get the samples to test?
Re: You can confirm the order on Alibaba or contact us to pay it via Paypal .All of the samples can supply from stock. you can receive the samples asap after you pay it.

6. What’s the warranty of the product?
Re: we supply 1 year warranty from the shipping date

7. More technical questions or details, welcome to contact directly as below.

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